Simicure hospital is the first private hospital in Sri Lanka, where you can get more than ten methods of treatment under the one roof. We wish to mention that, even the Sri Lankan Government has no any Homoeopathic hospital in this country.

Dr.P.M.L.Hatharasinghe is an Acupuncturist and visited several countries like China, USA, India, Pakistan and Japan. He has worked with some genius doctors in Acupuncture field and gained a good knowledge about Acupuncture.

 In Simicure hospital there are more than 25 doctors in various fields, Such as Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, Acupuncture, Magneto therapy, Beauty Culture. Some Vedic traditional methods like Punch karma, Cupping Therapy, Sauna and Flow remedy also followed here. Most of the doctors of this hospital are qualified from foreign countries and did specials in their own field.

To fully nourish the body and mind keep balance in the body energetic system, the channels that deliver nutrients and take away wastes must be cleansed and well toned. The body became vital, the mind satisfied, and the maintaining positive health and balance. Panchakarma is five methods of treatment to clean the internal side of the body.

Beauty Culture...  
 Today the most popular method on beauty culture is yaaid. Managing of the face full body treatment (Including body scrub also) this treatment is carried out with herbal oils herbal leaves flowers fruit juices and milk.

Stress Management...  
This included sandal wood bath flower remedy bath really. Managing with Acupressure This stimulation helps the nervous system to tranquilize to the mind and body.If you are advised to get only of the above methods of treatment you can get them under the supervision of highly qualified doctors.

In the same way these methods also could be administered to maintain a healthy body and healthy mind if you wish to be without any ailments for this you may call at our hospital for facial massage body massage and steam bath. We have male therapists for males and female therapists for females. Medical advise on these methods are free of charge.

  Further treatment methods are available for the following adieu at Simicure hospital for this purpose we have specially formed staff including medical officers.

Ayurvedic physiotherapy system means massaging of the body scientifically. In this treatment peruse center would be stimulated and giving proper blood circulation, three by reducing ache and pain.

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