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Want a Listing?
It's simple. All you need is Rs. 200/- per month and you will be listed on our site. So go ahead and contact us.

Why get a featured listing?

A featured listing will enable your prospective customers to find your web site via your banner which will be displayed in a prominent place on the web site. Therefore, the possibilities of people visiting your site prior to a competitors site is greatly increased.


Why advertise with us?

Lanka Business Directory Online gives you the ability to focus your advertising as broadly or as narrowly as you choose. Thanks to our unique Directory, which breaks Sri Lankan companies on the Internet into several individual categories, you can pinpoint your precise audience, whether you are a blue chip company or a small business entity.

Advertising Charges:

LBDO Regular Listing : Rs. 4,800/- for 1 year
LBDO Featured Listing
               Home Page : Rs. 6,000/- for 1 year
               Category Page : Rs. 4,800/- for 1 year
LBDO Advertising Banner
               Home Page : Rs. 12,000/- for 1 year
               Category Page : Rs. 9,000/- for 1 year

Please contact us for more information.

Lanka Business Directory Online
80/6 Layards Road, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka

Tel: +94-11-4736935


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